The CERTIFIED CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONAL (CCSP) program provides professional recognition to individuals with above average knowledge, skills and competency levels in Customer Service as a discipline of specialization in hospitality...

Until STANDARDS CENTRAL introduced and established this credential, there was no industry-wide, standardized avenue for Customer Service practitioners to be acknowledged for their efforts, accomplishments, and expertise; and no formal credentials that showcased an individual’s standing and commitment in the industry. As a specialist, independent organization, STANDARDS CENTRAL is well-positioned to facilitate, monitor and grant the CCSP certifications as a recognized, admired independent professional credential.  

Translating engagement to business results is a challenge for many organizations. Balancing financial goals with the demands of creating compelling customer service is a constant challenge. Stakeholders need to understand how CCSP certifications can and will deliver clear and concise business results, while benefiting the customer service practitioner (employee)....




STANDARDS CENTRAL believes that CCSP training is best  conducted by qualified providers delivering content grounded in the competencies of our very specific Customer Service   Professional competency framework. This framework was developed through   an extensive, psycho-advanced and very specific job-role analysis study that   researched industry consensus on the task specific scope of the Customer   Service professional. The framework also serves as the examination blueprint   for the Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) certification, the   only independent credential for Customer Service professionals currently available.


The new CCSP Certification Program offered by STANDARDS CENTRAL, may be one of the most important investments you can make   for yourself, or a company for its employees.

During this 7-day contact-training program,   participants  will learn the true   meaning and value of customer service. They will develop a deeper understanding   of the customer and how to engage with customers at a whole new level.

The CCSP Program for Customer Service Practitioners was designed by industry experts and area specialists specifically for career-driven   individuals seeking advanced skills and recognition in this fast-growing   discipline. Classes feature a hands-on, interactive approach designed to   provide the skills required to lead participants from being 'customer service   practitioners' to becoming 'customer service professionals'...