One of the key benefits of participating in the EOPC certification program is the opportunity to take the official ECO-OPERATOR PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATION Exam, and upon successful completion, receive an industry recognized Certificate in Sustainable Eco - Operations issued by STANDARDS CENTRAL to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and declared commitment towards sustainable eco-tourism standards and practices.

Sustainability is imperative for all tourism stakeholders and must translate from words to actions. The EOPC program offers practical insights and expert guidance to assist accommodation establishments, tourism destinations and operators with the introduction and implementation of updated, improved and refreshed perspectives and approaches to responsible business practices that is aligned with industry guidelines, requirements, recommendations and standards.
STANDARDS CENTRAL uses an internationally accepted model for sustainability in travel and tourism as the core training curriculum for this unique program, and incorporates various best practice concepts and case studies, paired with in-depth advice and consultation from specialist facilitators on how to implement and/or improve  sustainability in standard operating procedures and management practices for service providers, operators and accommodation establishments..

All delegates who complete this 1-week onsite EOPC training program will have the opportunity to take the official ECO-OPERATORS PROFICIENCY (EOPC) EXAM at the end of the allocated training period.

This exam was designed to evaluate the attending participant’s awareness and knowledge of the prescribed modules covered in the ECO-OPERATORS PROFICIENCY syllabus, and to test understanding and integrated awareness of sustainable tourism policies, practices and processes...

Those who successfully achieve the required 75% pass mark on the EOPC Exam will be awarded with a Certificate in Sustainable Eco-Operations and receive the respected and highly sought after credential as approved and verified Sustainability Ambassador.


  • Introduction, Status of Eco Tourism,
  • Planning, Design & Development
  • Sustainable Operations & Practices
  • Conservation & Awareness
  • Participation & Partnerships
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Understanding Markets & Products
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Health & Safety
  • And much more...