Through the development, and introduction of industry-specific qualifications and recognised training opportunities, STANDARDS CENTRAL is committed to setting benchmarks and guidelines for people managers and team leaders working in the service industry...

The EMMI Management Training Programs, or better known as Standards-IQ micro-qualifications... ‘shorthand’ for 'STANDARDS Integrated Qualifications Framework' was specifically designed and directed to further grow and develop the hospitality sector through qualified, well informed and competent service-managers on the ground... this has led STANDARDS CENTRAL to becoming a leader in service standards setting and regulation through training and skills development, not only in Southern Africa, but across Africa.


Your gateway to becoming an agent for organizational change and transformation... 


Globally successful companies in the service industry have one characteristic in common: their managers are revolutionising organisations with innovative approaches to   human capital development and new styles of leadership. 

This change of paradigm is reflected in STANDARDS CENTRAL's EMMI Manager Development Programmes, which guide participants towards greater levels of   excellence in people management and team leadership; and ultimately to equip service-managers with the necessary skills, abilities and confidence to facilitate  improved levels of performance in service....

This unique course package enables participants to explore the latest 21st century management processes, principles and practices as well as gaining distinctive leadership perspectives on new management methodologies, approaches and strategies. 

This course helps aspirant and existing leaders make the transition from old-school management patters to becoming well informed and capable visionaries for organizational growth  and agents for transformational change. 

The full EXECUTIVE MASTER OF MANAGEMENT INNOVATION CERTIFICATE (EMMI - MDP/AMPP) qualification consists of four 'micro-qualifications' components, namely: 

Improve your people management & team leadership potential...


The hospitality sector is in desperate need of credible and competent managers to drive and maintain  service standards in the industry... The fundamental aim of the Manager Development Micro-qualification-programme (EMMI-MDP®) is to fast track professional development, endowing participants with solid people management and team leadership skills over a short span of time. After just two weeks, participants will return to their places of work (...or enter the industry) as competent and capable service-managers, ready to turn their newly acquired knowledge and insights straight into action. 

KEY OUTCOMES... is to develop the leadership skills required to effectively manage people and lead teams; gaining understanding and sound knowledge of themselves as managers and how to lead subordinates, followers and teams to greater levels of productivity, efficiency and performance.


  • Self-actualization & Personal Mastery
  • Professional Conduct & Manager Ethics
  • Advanced Communication
  • Mindful Management & Positive Psychology
  • Inspirational Leadership & Manager Profiling
  • Employee & Team Motivation
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • High Performance Teams
  • Management Skills, Processes and Functions
  • Employee Engagement & Development


Accept the challenge. Take the reins of your management career...


The Advanced Management Practices Micro-qualification-programme (EMMI-AMPP®) was specifically designed for current managers and team leaders (including EMMI-MDP graduates) to further their knowledge and understanding of organizational growth practices and business management principles... As a strategic management course, AMPP is packed with contents that focuses on broadening perspectives and leadership attributes, while enhancing the necessary managerial acumen required in the ever-changing and competitive business   environment.

KEY for participants to discover new and innovative approaches to various senior management functions, learning how to implement and facilitate these strategies with precisions and accuracy for improved and   accelerated results...increasing market-share and strengthening competitive advantage.


  • Standards & Best Practice Activation
  • Transformation & Change Management
  • Business Scalability & Process Management
  • Performance & Quality Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Job-role Suitability Testing & Talent Selection
  • Strategy Elicitation, Formulation & Implementation
  • Business Analysis & Gap Surveys
  • Corporate Governance & Competitive Advantage
  • Management Practices & Principles