Taking excellence to service delivery in hospitality...


DURATION: 5 Days | STUDENT FEE: R 5 900:00

This 5-day multifaceted course is the STANDARD CENTRAL's most comprehensive customer service training program. The course incorporates all aspects of Excellence in Service, empowering participants to forge lasting and beneficial customer relationships. The course activities and contents were designed to provide participants maximum understanding of the critical elements of service while identifying both individual and organizational customer service improvement opportunities.

Participants learn to shape customer focus into a streamlined extra mile approach:

  • Identify what constitutes Excellence in Customer Service and identify the current state of their service culture—both individually and organizationally.
  • Gain a functional understanding of what drives customer behaviours and how that information can impact the delivery of world class service.
  • Learn that communication is far more than just talking and listening and how we can build on these skills to strengthen overall customer satisfaction.
  • Understand the critical elements required to effectively build long-term, positive relationships that lead to customer loyalty.
  • Learn to effectively manage “service breakdowns” using professional service recovery techniques that preserve and strengthen customer satisfaction.
  • Explore real life customer service situations to understand how to effectively apply course materials in the workplace.
  • Go “Beyond BOOTCAMP” by documenting and making a commitment to accomplish specific goals for improving customer service in your organization.