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EXECUTE: 'PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE' - Motivational Keynote Presentation

Establishment Owners, General Managers and HOD’s are constantly seeking the magic pill,  the miracle ingredient, or the breakthrough technique to motivate their staff and team members to reach full potential at lodges and hospitality establishments  - WE CAN HELP!!.

(DURATION: 3-Hours)

In our quest to ignite the “Spirit of Peak Performance” in employees and hospitality teams alike…we bring to you, “EXECUTE: PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE”…a high impact, energetic, inter-active motivational keynote presentation that was designed specifically to put workplace performance in motion! 

Presented by motivational speaker and peak-performance strategist, Johann Jurgens, this award-winning motivational keynote presentation will inspire team members to discover the resources within themselves to overcome their most challenging obstacles, no matter how daunting. 

The focus is on motivating members of staff to change their perspective and cultivate a high performance culture in the workplace. A happy employee is a successful employee. With the right attitude - service delivery becomes exceptional and professional relationships more rewarding. 

With this all inspiring presentation we demonstrate to participants that everyone has the power to take leadership through personal accountability and vision as we prove to audiences that they too can thrive at their respective lodges by reaching beyond self-imposed limitations. 

Themes under discussion includes… Fuelling a Desire for Performance,  Taking Responsibility for Results, Moving towards results, Keeping Positive Perceptions , Believing in a common goal and purpose, Going Above & Beyond in Service Delivery, And much more… 

Motivation is like digging for gold: when you get it right, the rewards are immeasurable!!!!