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STANDARDS-CENTRAL, in partnership with AFRICAN BUSH CORPORATION provides an industry first, by offering all our course graduates who have completed their courses, a complimentary and fully supported job recruitment benefit to help jump start their future careers. Together, this formidable partnership has become the leading suppliers and specialists in the placement, management and deployment of trained and competent support staff to the conservation and hospitality industries, not only in Southern Africa, but across Africa.

What is a work placement?

A work placement offers the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills you have developed on your course in a workplace setting. If you have never had a part time job before you will find it very useful as it could boost your employability skills and give you an understanding of a real work environment.

What will I get out of work experience?

  • Gain experience of applying for jobs and interviews.
  • Opportunity to try out a job / work place and see if is really for you.
  • Gain valuable experience in a career you want to follow.
  • Could lead to paid part time or full time job or apprenticeship.
  • Helps you to develop skills employers want, which will make you more employable.
  • You now have an employer who can give you a reference.
  • Opportunity to network and make useful contacts with organisations which will help when looking for future work.
  • Allows you to experience the pace and responsibilities of the  workplace.


Qualifying Terms & Conditions...

The Practical Student Placement will only be made available to those students that have successfully completed their courses (ALL COURSE COMPONENTS) and placements depends on the direct approval of the STANDARDS-CENTRAL principle as this offer to students is not a 'paid for' service and students have to earn their right to represent STANDARDS-CENTRAL in the field as per qualifying criteria and industry requirements. Also note that there might be a waiting period for placements to commence depending on work availability and demand...

 If you are joining a long-term internship with work-placements at STANDARDS-CENTRAL or partner organizations, you will be required to complete and pass ongoing assessments in order to be offered a placement or continuation of your current placement. These assessments are academic, practical, and based on general performance and behaviour all of which will be marked through continuous assessment and performance reviews. Placements are offered at the full discretion of STANDARDS-CENTRAL and no refund will be issued in the event that you are not offered a Placement.